Thursday, March 28, 2013

Write it. Hone it. Perform it.  From page to stage. Jane Morris conducts a solo performance workshop that takes your work from idea to staging, to performing.  The class works with actors and writers at any level of the process, whether you’re just getting started, or you feel almost ready to mount a whole solo show.  Look at your work from various angles, as a personal story, as satire, as action, as dialogue.

Stop waiting to perform. Start working right now!  The workshop, now in its third year, has produced 9 original shows.  Every participant has finished work and taken their work to venues around Los Angeles. Our shows have traveled the country and won awards. Your performance can be next!

You’ll have the opportunity to rehearse and perform your work at the fanaticSalon whenever you’re ready!

Click here to find out how to enroll.
Click here to see our list of successful productions.
Click here to read what participants have to say.

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