Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Read What Participants Have to Say!

In Los Angeles
"Working with Jane Morris is truly inspiring. Her experience and insight are unsurpassed.  In her workshops, Jane establishes an atmosphere of trust and support and guides each writer to find the heart of his/her work.
Last fall, I was fortunate enough to write and perform my first one-man show. I couldn't have done it without Jane Morris."  GEORGE KESSLER  "My Superpowers"

"When I first met Jane Morris I had not been writing regularly and had not set foot on a stage in seven years. Now writing and working on performances is part of my every day life. Jane is a fully engaged teacher who can help you develop your work from an idea to the stage. She seems to know instinctively what to to add or subtract to make any piece work. She is also one of the nicest and funniest people you're ever likely to meet.
 I fully endorse classes with Jane Morris."  Gordon Henderson

"Jane Morris is the consummate professional; a skilled actor, director, writer and veteran of the Second City improv scene.  Her workshop draws on her more than 30 years in the business with success at every level helping writer/performers achieve their goals; all done with humor, insight and a supportive atmosphere. " Brian Kiley  stand up comic and writer on Conan

"Jane Morris does it all. She's not only a comedy improv legend, she's also gifted with story and drama. She's wonderful at coaxing, shaping and sharpening what a writer/performer wants to say. She makes it cleaner, clearer and funnier. And then she directs the hell out of it. Plus, she's just a really cool, laid back lady, who makes anyone and everyone feel welcome. Love her."  Beth Littleford "The Daily Show"  "Crazy Stupid Love"

"When deciding who I would choose to direct my one woman show I asked myself the following questions:
Who would be FUN to work with? 
Who could I COUNT on?
Who did I TRUST?
Who was a low stress, even keeled, easy going person?
Who was someone who wouldn't be competitive with me?
Who was someone who was DEDICATED to excellence?
Who had a stellar background in comedy, theater, directing?
Who had a great sense of humor?
Who did I want to spend countless hours with?

The answer was easy-- Jane Morris! She exceeded all of these expectations and more. Jane has an amazing wit and she doesn't try to impose her 'voice' onto your writing or performing. She recognized the originality of my piece and helped me access new inroads, take bigger risks both physically and emotionally, and just be funnier! She is equally gifted in helping with writing as she is with directing. She made me feel so great about myself and our show was a big success because of our partnership. Get some 'Jane' in your life, any chance you get."
Clara York  "Apocalypse, Not Now!"

At the Women In Comedy Festival
in Boston
My problem is taking the (stand up) joke and stetching it out to fill real space in my soslo show.  I no longer have that problem, thanks to the 45 minutes spent with Jane Morris.  Within minutes, she filled the blank board behind me with arrows and circles all stemming form the premise word, "co-workers".  Bam, we had at least 15 minutes of ieads that needed writing.  Every arrow led to a new point, an new unexplored area.

What was most exciting was that we were able to delve into the details of our work and directly maneuver our material.  Jane's done to earth, hands-on direction was refreshing and bang-on.  Often time, with a workshop, one only gets the bird's eye view of things and end up lost.  My co worker premise was once lost, but it is now found.  Thank you, Jane!  
 Robby Hoffman, Montreal

Jane's seminar on developing a solo show pushes the artist to think as a performer and an story teller.  She pushes students to find the heart of the story and expand for the core, all while building characters, setting, presence, dialogue and narrative.  What begins as a story becomes a performance fit for the stage.  Kate Lee, San Diego

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